Your cost is $.012 per square inch.  For example: 60” x 70” = 3,500 sq inches x $.012 = $42.  The minimum quilting charge is $40.

I offer edge to edge quilting using pantographs to quilt your choice of design over the entire quilt.  I guide Felicity every stitch she makes.

Please be sure to prepare your quilt top and backing and backing before giving them to me.  It there are loose threads, etc, I will charge $25/hour fixing any problems.


If you would like your quilt returned unbound but trimmed the cost is $5 no matter the quilt size.


I’m happy to bind even your previously quilted quilts!  Trimming your quilt is included in your cost.

Charges are per linear inch:

  • $.10:  Machine sew binding to front of quilt, maximum charge is $15
  • $.20:  Machine sew binding to front + back of quilt, maximum charge is $30
  • $.25:  Prepare binding; I make double fold binding with 2 ½” strips of fabric, you provide approximately one yard of fabric

Size of your quilt

The width, or shortest side, of your quilt is limited to 70” but the length may be whatever you want.  This is because I live in an apartment and my machine’s frame is short!  I am able to quilt twin size, baby or crib and lap quilts.


You provide the batting.  The batting must be at least 3″ larger than your quilt top on all sides

If you’re not sure what to pick, these are my favorite battings and in this order:

  • Warm & White or Warm & Natural (both 100% cotton)
  • Nature’s Touch (100% cotton)
  • Quilter’s Dream Blend 70/30  (70% cotton + 30% polyester)
  • Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 (80% cotton + 20% polyester)

I have found that there is little shrinkage with these battings and they all wear well.  I have tried higher percentages of polyester battings, even 100%, but they can become lumpy after washing.